Key Features

Here is some of the key features of WellnessCMS.


Point, click, and schedule! The Schedule for WellnessCMS allows you to see available appointments based on the onsite provider schedule. The schedule also allows a company representative to monitor program usage and modify the schedule as needed.


The WellnessCMS sessions are general observations of the employees area of concern(s) in a simple layout. This allows for basic notes for the care givers benefit and good data points to monitor the employees wellness.

Contract Management

No matter if you are at one location or have providers supporting multiple locations, our simple contract management system can help manage the contract. It allows you to set up company representatives, onsite providers, billing contacts and even support staff access. 


One of the most important things to do is bill for your services. This gets hard as you add more companies and locations. Not with our billing system. Billing is a snap and you have multiple options of invoicing. Secure email, PDF, or printed invoices. As the checks come in you can even track your payments.

Company/Location Management

You start with a single location and next thing you know you have some other opportunities that come up. No problem, we got your back.WellnessCMS does the heavy lifting so you only need to concentrate on helping the employees.


What good is doing all this amazing work if you can’t show it? Our live reports allow you and your onsite company representatives to view a broad selection of data that really shows how important your services are for their employees well-being.

Provider Management

Out of site, out of mind. This is the struggle we all have when growing our company. Our system allows you to manage your providers, pay them in a timely manner, and keep them connected so they never feel left out. Communication is the key.


So you bill for your services, now what. Don’t forget to pay your providers. Our reimbursement system makes sure all your providers are paid for their hours, and keeps them in the loop of when the check is in the mail. Happy providers make a happy company.

Employee Management

WellnessCMS allows the company representative to put in the employees, schedule their appointments, and monitor their outcomes.

Employee Surveys

After the employee session you have the option of live surveys or emailed surveys to get feedback. You can view survey specific reports to keep an eye on your providers and make sure your employees are happy with your service.

Employee Self Scheduling

The system also allows employees to self schedule where available. It will even remind the employees of their appointments so they can get better.

"Your software is the backbone of our entire operation, we couldn't do it without you."

– ML

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