To create and maintain effective Internet technologies that support and assist humanity.

Who We Are

Jay Ferguson

Co-founder & President

Jay works closely with new and existing clients on a daily basis to develop strategies that are specific to their current needs, as well as anticipating opportunities for future growth. He is passionate about web design and believes that good design is the key to quality web development.┬áThe goal of user interface design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible,

Keith Varney

Co-founder & Lead Developer

Keith specializes in designing and integrating customized databases with websites, working with classic ASP (Active Server Pages) and SQL Server as well as the standard web-building tools of HTML and JavaScript. In addition he also handles website and database backups, website setup via IIS (Internet Information Services), domain name registration, DNS (Domain Name System) setup, and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) setup and management. Keith has his degree in Computer Science.