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My Schedule

Point, click, and schedule!

The Schedule for PerformanceEHR allows you to see appointments for multiple providers and locations in one glance. Point and click on an open space on the calendar and you can search for a patient or add a new one.

Once you’ve selected a patient to schedule, the appointment window becomes a powerhouse of useful information to help you move patients through their appointment efficiently. Select or create a new case, see alerts for authorizations and copays, add a payment, access case and treatment notes, and so much more directly from the appointment window.

One of the many unique features our schedule offers is the ability to track the status of an appointment. This color-coded feature enables both the front desk and the provider to know that their next appointment may be waiting in the office, cancelled, or rescheduled with a glance at the schedule. This feature also keeps a time stamp of each status change, helping you to maximize your office efficiency. To decrease the number of patients who miss appointments we’ve also given you the ability to access a reminder list, giving you all of the information and quick contact links to make sure patients know when their next appointment is.

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