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My Billing

Imagine billing made easy. Could it be possible? Yes, it is.

Want to search for a claim? Want to create an aging report to track your receivables? No problem! With PerformanceEHR you have the world of billing at your fingertips. Utilizing claim statuses, you’ll be able to pull a variety of reports, batch patient statements, batch electronic and HCFA claims.

You’ll also be able to see which appointments haven’t had treatment notes entered, been claimed, and which payments have yet to be applied. You can do it all through PerformanceEHR. If you can’t, let us know. Your purchase of PerformanceEHR comes with custom reporting. If there’s a report you need and don’t have it, we’ll create one for you.

Now for the cherry on top, our set it and forget it feature. Once you’ve created and batched a set of claims, PerformanceEHR will automatically transmit the batch to your clearinghouse (not available with some clearinghouses) at the top of every hour! In addition, often times providers receive multiple payments from different payers that need to be applied to multiple treatments. Applying those to the proper treatments can be tricky, but with PerformanceEHR you can enter the payment(s) and apply them, as you’d like, to one or multiple claims.

If easier billing is in your future, feel free to call us to set up a demo.


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